Custom Cabinets in Desert Hot Springs, CA

What You Should Know When Searching for a Highly Rated Cabinet Maker in Desert Hot Springs

Whether you're planning to design a brand new kitchen or remodel your current one, finding a highly-rated cabinet maker in Desert Hot Springs can seem like a daunting task. But with the right information, you can find a trusted professional who will get the job done right the first time. Here are some key factors to consider when looking for the best cabinet builder or kitchen remodeler in Desert Hot Springs.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise are pivotal when it comes to cabinet making. A cabinet maker with a multitude of experience will bring a wealth of knowledge about various materials, designs, and construction techniques. Their experience can help prevent costly mistakes, and ensure that the final product will be durable and functional. In addition, the cabinet maker's expertise will reflect in the quality of their craft.

They'll have a deep understanding of joinery techniques, the right tools to use for each task, and how to tailor the design according to your specific needs. Furthermore, an experienced cabinet maker can provide expert advice on maintaining your new cabinets, thereby enhancing their longevity. It's also beneficial to look at their past work, either through their portfolio or via customer testimonials, to ascertain their expertise.

Comprehensive Services

A top-rated cabinet maker should offer a wide range of services. Look for a company that can cater to all your cabinetry needs. At A Plus Cabinets, we offer:

Quality of Work

The quality of work is another critical factor to consider. The best cabinet makers pride themselves on delivering high-quality cabinets that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Reputation and Reviews

A company's reputation and the reviews it has garnered are vital indicators of the kind of service you can expect. Look for a cabinet maker with positive customer reviews and ratings, as this often signifies a high level of customer satisfaction. Check online platforms, such as Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau, for unbiased feedback from past clients. These reviews typically cover aspects like the quality of work, professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness of the company.

Remember, however, to look for patterns in reviews rather than isolated incidents. Every business may have a few negative reviews, but consistent patterns of dissatisfaction should raise red flags. Also, consider how the company responds to both positive and negative reviews. A professional company will acknowledge and address any customer concerns promptly and respectfully.

Additionally, a credible cabinet maker should have a solid standing in the community. Ask local real estate agents, contractors, and interior designers for recommendations. They can provide valuable insights into the cabinet maker's reliability and craftsmanship based on their professional interactions. In a nutshell, thorough research and careful scrutiny of a company's reputation and reviews can significantly aid in your decision-making process.

Consultation to Installation

A good cabinet maker should guide you smoothly from consultation to installation. They should provide personalized service, ensuring they understand your needs and preferences before starting any project.

In conclusion, when you're searching for a highly-rated kitchen or bathroom remodeler in Desert Hot Springs, consider A Plus Cabinets. Our expertise, comprehensive services, quality work, and excellent customer service make us stand out. Contact us today for all your cabinetry needs.

Custom Cabinets in Desert Hot Springs, CA


We are deeply privileged to extend our custom cabinet services across the vibrant Coachella Valley. As a part of this thriving community, it brings us immense satisfaction to offer our specialized cabinet solutions throughout the entire Valley, including:

Why We Love Desert Hot Springs

The Best Things About Desert Hot Springs, California

As a locally owned and operated custom cabinet company, A Plus Cabinets is proud to serve the residents of Desert Hot Springs in the Coachella Valley. This city, known for its natural hot springs and unique modernist architecture, gives us the privilege of working closely with our clients.

A Spa City

Desert Hot Springs, often referred to as the "Spa City," is renowned for its hot mineral water spas. It is home to the world-famous Miracle Springs Resort & Spa and Two Bunch Palms Resort, both offering an unparalleled spa experience.

Rich History and Landmarks

The history of Desert Hot Springs can be explored through its notable landmarks such as Cabot's Pueblo Museum. This hand-made, four-story building constructed from reclaimed and found materials by Cabot Yerxa is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the city's early settlers.

Unique Climate and Natural Vegetation

Located in the Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs boasts a desert climate, known for its warm winters and hot summers. The city's natural vegetation and wildlife contribute to its unique desert beauty.

Notable Residents

Desert Hot Springs has been home to several notable people, adding to the city's charm. These include Coco Crisp, Janet Gaynor, and Paul Krassner.

Diverse Community and Government

With a diverse population, Desert Hot Springs represents a melting pot of cultures. The city is part of Riverside County and is represented by various government officials, reflecting its dynamic community structure.

Economic Growth

Despite facing financial challenges in the past, Desert Hot Springs has seen significant growth in recent years. The city has embraced the cannabis industry and benefited from early investments, contributing to its economic resurgence.

Water Quality and Awards

The city has won numerous awards for its water quality, further enhancing its reputation as a health and wellness destination.

In conclusion, Desert Hot Springs is not just a city we serve; it's a city we love. Its natural hot springs, unique modernist architecture, and thriving community make it truly one of a kind. If you're interested in exploring more cities in the Coachella Valley that we serve, check out our services in Palm Springs, and beyond.



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~Elaine G


Rhett was amazing. He is very responsive and gave us time to ask all our questions. He had good suggestions and recommendations and was extremely quick in returning his estimate. His customer service is excellent. We ultimately went in a different direction, but I highly recommend that you call Rhett to get a quote on your next project!

~Stephen B


They installed cabinet drawers for me and did an excellent job. What really impressed me was the service I received after the install. I had some adjustments I wanted to make and they were prompt and very willing to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I highly recommend this company.

~Johna B


I highly recommend A+ cabinets! I gave Rhett a picture of the bathroom vanity I wanted custom made. I was able to choose the size, as well as the material it would be made of. The quality of the finished well as the installation was exceptional!Rhett is extremely professional, and his price was very fair.In fact it was half as much as another local company quoted, for this same vanity. A+ for A+cabinets!

~Thomas K


Rhett and team thank you for a job well done! The kitchen, office and bathroom cabinets that you made and installed for us are prefect. You and your team are amazing to work with, always picked up my phone calls, always met or beat our schedule dates. Your team went above, cannot say enough about your customer service but more importantly your craftmanship is prefection.